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nxtBIT engineers responsive websites and innovative apps, merging the latest technologies, advanced computer science, and eye-catching designs with secure, reliable, and personalized hosting. We bring your ideas to life, create compelling apps, and make your business stand out on the web.

Responsive Websites

nxtBIT's custom websites are not only responsive and made with pixel perfect precision but are faster, more secure, and lighter weight than Wordpress and more custom, fitting your needs better, with better user experience than Wix or Squarespace. When your customers demand the best and you want to stand out online, nxtBIT is here to create a custom, responsive, website for your business.

Website Design

Go Beyond Wordpress

nxtBIT's websites are custom made to your exact specifications using the latest technologies and proprietary software resulting in significantly faster, more reliable, and higher secure websites than sites built on Wordpress. We use the same technologies that power the worlds largest websites like Twitter, Facebook, eBay, Uber, Trello, Netflix, and Google and trusted by over 9.88k thousand businesses. Ask us about how we can upgrade your existing website or create a new site for your business.

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Innovative Apps

Creating innovative and custom applications for the web, iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac that work seamlessly with your website or existing applications. From small calculators, to large corporate applicaions, to inventory management systems, we have the experience to bring your ideas to life and take your business to new levels.

Applicaion Design

Great Websites ❤️ Great Hosting

Get the most out of your website with exceptional hosting from nxtBIT. We take a personal approach to our hosting services with individual support, monthly website analytics and SEO reports, and recommendations to make your website better and faster, all at no additional cost. We create multiple backups of our servers, verified by hand, and ready to be deployed at a moments notice so your data is always safe no matter what happens. We can even mirror your site across the globe to increase speed and reliability to create the ultimate hosting solution no matter your business' size.

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Secure & Personalized Hosting

With nxtBIT's personalized and secure website and application hosting, you get hosting services that fit your budget and tailored to meet your needs. Our primary data center is located in West Knoxville, TN with additional data centers located across the US and mirrored across the globe. With nxtBIT hosting, you get 24/7/365 personalized support, world-class uptime, and unmatched reliability.

Website and App Hosting