Welcome to Our New Website

May 25, 2019

Company News

nxtBIT has been rapidly growing since we opened our doors over a year ago. We have been working on a new website to celebrate our success and to provide our visitors with a better user experience. We are proud to announce that our new website is almost complete. While we still have a few things left to finish and improve on, we have elected to make the site live in its current state so we can collect feedback from our visitors and real-world usage data. You might be wondering what we have left to work on? Here’s a list so you are not surprised when you run into a part of the site is actively being working.

  • Complete the following site pages
    • Engineering services
    • Electronic services
    • About
    • Careers
    • Clients
    • Team
    • Values
    • Research Papers
    • IT & Security services
  • Improve menu accessibility and functionality
  • Add links to CodePen and GitHub profiles

This new site was made from the ground up by us, from the design of the webpages to the functionality of our proprietary blogging system. This approach to building websites from scratch allows us to ensure that our sites are highly optimized, looks great on all devices, and provides visitors with a high level of accessibility. We hope that the new site provides value to you, our clients, and the rest of our visitors.

Here’s to another year of great success for nxtBIT and our clients! 😁🍻