nxtBIT’s hosting services are personalized based on the unique needs of our clients, saving them hundreds by cutting out unnecessary features. Our highly secure and blazing fast hosting services have unmatched reliability and are backed by our team of dedicated support specialists that know our clients by name. Whether you are hosting a simple website or a mission-critical application, nxtBIT has the resources and expertise for all your hosting needs.

Personalized Plans

nxtBIT offers personalized hosting plans based on the unique needs of our clients, saving them hundreds by cutting out features they don’t need and only including those they do. Our unique and personalized approach to hosting allows us to be more flexible with the features we offer and to leverage multiple industry-leading technologies around the globe at a fraction of the price of our competitors. Our clients' businesses are unique, and their choice in hosing reflects that.

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Unlimited is Not Infinite, but nxtBIT is Always Transparent

There is a popular trend in the hosting industry of offering “unlimited” or “unmetered” bandwidth and disk space however in their Terms of Service you will find that there is an arbitrary limit on the usage of bandwidth and disk space. Even if you stay below this limit, though they usually do not tell you what this limit is, there is still a limit on the CPU and memory your site uses with no way of monitoring its usage. Whenever you go with one of these “unlimited” hosting plans, you are putting your business’ website at risk of being shut down of going over an arbitrary usage limit without warning or even a way to tell how close to this limit you are. At nxtBIT, our hosting plans have an upfront limit on the amount of resources our client’s sites are using with proactive alerts and 24/7 monitoring so that our clients are always in the know.

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Highly Secure

Following industry standards, utilizing proprietary security programs, and leveraging third-party security services, nxtBIT’s hosting services are highly secure. We provide threat mitigation, detection, analysis, and DDoS protection for our clients usually at no cost. Should a security issue arise, our 24/7 individual support is on call generally reaching out to our clients before they even know there is an issue.

Blazing Fast

nxtBIT strives to have the fastest servers with industry-leading response times. With proprietary optimization software and a global content delivery system, we are able to deliver many of our client’s sites to their visitors in under a second. Our 24/7 site monitoring alerts our team of any performance issues that arise so that we can quickly address any problems to keep our clients' sites running at peak performance.

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Budget Friendly

Whether it’s a small business or a large corporation, nxtBIT’s custom hosting plans are tailored to fit our client’s specific budget. We work closely with our clients so we can deliver the features they need that fit their budget. This approach to hosting saves our clients hundreds while taking their hosing needs to the next level.

The Cheap Hosting Problem, Overselling

Most cheap hosting provides will cut costs by overselling their hosting plans, putting an excessive number of sites on a single server. For example, if a server can only hold 200 sites, most cheap hosting providers will put 2,000 sites on the server. While it is very unlikely that all the sites on a single server will be accessed at once, overloading a server like this still results in instability and slower load times. Approximately 1% of users on these servers will use more resources than the average and will have their hosting plan cancelled. At nxtBIT, we only put approximately five sites on a single server with many of our clients having their sites on a dedicated server so that we can provide them with better service.

24/7 Individual Support

nxtBIT’s team of dedicated support specialists, in Knoxville Tennessee, know our clients by name and take pride in seeing their business grow. We go the extra mile to make sure that our clients’ specific needs are taken care of. No matter what the issue is, nxtBIT’s support team is here to make it right.

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Unmatched Reliability

nxtBIT takes pride in delivering unmatched reliability with even our most basic hosting services delivering industry-leading uptimes, but we have not stopped there. We are able to give our clients up times on par with the likes of Google and Facebook by offering redundant servers around the globe backed by an international content delivery network and advanced load balancers. Whether you are hosting a simple website or a mission-critical application, nxtBIT has the resources and expertise for all your hosting needs.

Better Hosting for Your Budget

No matter what kind of hosting you are looking for, nxtBIT can create a unique hosting plan that helps your business grow and save money.