nxtBIT knows the IT and security needs of small businesses and large corporations. With a team of dedicated IT support specialists and security experts backing your business, you can be prepared for anything.

24/7 IT Support

nxtBIT’s team of dedicated IT support specialists, located in Knoxville Tennessee, know our clients by name and take pride in helping with their IT needs. Our clients rely on us, 24/7, for all their IT needs from simple computer and hardware support to solving complex network problems. Whether it’s small businesses or a large corporation, nxtBIT has the expertise our clients replay on to provide them with industry-leading IT support; online, on the phone, or on site.

Threat Analysis

Securing a business starts with analysing potential security threats and vulnerabilities in a Threat Analysis report. This report outlines the most likely security threats to a business and the possible mitigations to these threats. This allows a business to take action on specific security issues and pay closer attention to possible security variabilities. nxtBIT helps their clients find the security threats and vulnerabilities that are most prevalent to them and helps them take appropriate corrective action to secure their business.

Digital Penetration Testing

Digital penetration testing is a method of evaluating the digital security of a company by simulating an attack or hack on a business's computer system, network, or website from a malicious outsider or an employee. With the increasing reliance on always-connected devices and new technologies, there is an ever-increasing threat of potential security complications. Causes of these security issues can vary; however, the best way to find any problems is to test the security in a real-world scenario. nxtBIT has the expertise to create a simulated digital attack to uncover real-world digital security vulnerabilities in our client’s companies, fixing the vulnerabilities before a malicious party has a chance to exploit it.

Social Engineering Testing

Social engineering testing is a method of evaluating the social aspect of a company’s security by social manipulation, phishing, or scamming to gain access to restricted parts of a business or to get employees to take a specific action with malicious intent. Social engineering is a growing threat that is often overlooked and difficult to protect against with large corporations and their clients falling victim to it daily. nxtBIT has the expertise to find vulnerabilities and help our clients set up procedures to safeguard them and their employees against social engineering attacks.

Social Engineering Might be The Biggest Threat to Your Business

The most basic and easiest attack on a business is for a malicious party to send out official-looking emails to all company employees or clients in hopes that someone will reply with information such as usernames and passwords. This technique is called phishing and is usually very effective if done correctly. While phishing is a common social engineering technique, it is not the only one that is used. Another common technique is impersonation, where a malicious party pretends to be someone they are not to gain access to an account through a company. For example, a malicious party calls your cell phone provider or go into a cell phone store and uses social engineering to transfer your number to a new phone. Once this is done, the malicious party has access to all your phone calls and text messages and can reset passwords to your online accounts to gain access. By the time you notice what has happened, it's too late. Social engineering might be your companies biggest threat as it replies on all your employees to be aware of who they are communicating with and what they say at all times. If you are concerned about social engineering attacks on your business, nxtBIT can help find vulnerabilities and set up procedures to safeguard your business and employees.

Physical Penetration Testing

Physical penetration testing is a method of evaluating the physical security of a business by simulating a break-in by a malicious party; revealing real-world security issues with a business’ physical security such as security cameras, locks, procedures, alarms, and other physical devices. Once a physical security issue has been uncovered, it can be fixed to strengthen the overall security of a business. Whether you need a simple review of your business’s physical security or a full physical penetration testing with a simulated break-in, nxtBIT has the expertise to help strengthen your business's security.

Most Locks Provide Little Security

Most locks provide little security unless they are specially made or contain special aftermarket pins. Even the most secure lock available at Lowes or Home Depot that boasts a “Five-pin cylinder and dual ball bearing locking mechanism provides maximum pick resistance,” can be easily picked within a minute by a novice. If you are concerned about the security of the locks used at your business, by merely re-pinning your business’s locks using a special combination of pins and spacers you can significantly increase the physical security of your business and make your locks almost impossible to pick.

IT & Security For Any Sized Business

nxtBIT knows the IT and security needs of small businesses and large corporations. With a team of dedicated IT support specialists and security experts backing your business, you can be prepared for anything.